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There is nothing more pleasing than a well-timed compliment

"We have been working with the law firm VETO LT since 2009 in complex contractual relations with the Lithuanian contractors. The lawyers always served best needs, demonstrated high professional level, accuracy, carefulness and availability always that we were in need."

Dreymoor Fertilizers Overseas PTE Ltd, managing director Sandeep Chauhan,

"I have been in business many years. I‘ve experienced the whole range from hot to cold. These days it is generally difficult to surprise anyone very much, but the performance of VETO LT left a great impression on me right from the first meeting. In fact, at the time this team was not representing my interests, but those of a covenantee. The agreement reached was a win for both sides, and it went very smoothly. That‘s the way it should be in business. After that, I began to entrust major legal aspects of my business affairs to VETO LT."

Romualdas Bakutis, businessman

"We have internal legal department which solves most of the Bank’s legal issues. Nevertheless we address VETO LT team in cases of very difficult legal problem requiring profound knowledge. Several years of cooperation has proved that we can trust this professional team, it has needed competences, as well as courage and resolution to solve complicated and uncommon legal problems."

Igor Kovalčuk, Director of Legal Department of UAB Medicinos bankas.

"I am pleased to state that we rarely encounter legal problems in our business.  However, if we had, we have been leaning on VETO LT team for several years. They are real professionals in their field and can be recommended by us to others." 

Tomas Radzevičius, General Director of HORMANN BALTIC.

"In the course of expanding our business we decided to acquire another firm and in so doing we were confronted by some very complicated legal issues. We needed to find lawyers that are reliable and that know their field of activity; that could offer effective solutions. We talked to several lawyers but we decided to go with VETO LT, a team that solved our complex legal issues easily and professionally."

Giedrius Kartanas, Manager of UAB Jaukurai.

"Maybe we shouldn’t, but we tend to seek legal advice very rarely; indeed, only when the situation has become critical and we can’t deal with it ourselves. Amazingly, often it only takes one consultation to make the problems disintegrate. Sometimes VETO LT gives us early warning about a legal problem that we haven’t foreseen. The fact is, that it is precisely when we haven’t heeded a warning that we have suffered the most.”"

Romualdas Bėkšta, Manager of Ergolain group.

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